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SD V26

Teal There Was You

The last time I did a tutorial was a good 9 months ago. Wow. I could’ve given birth over that span of time…

I did this look for a movie outing over the weekend. It’s a simple but great way to add color to a natural look. You can substitute teal with other bright colors such as green, purple, yellow etc. Darker shades would work too but there will be less contrast with the black liner. Continue reading

SD V21

#1 Skin Care Rule

No matter how long the day has been or how tired I am, even if I have to do it with my eyes barely able to stay opened, I MUST remove my makeup.

I would keep thinking about the agony of nursing a pimple should I sleep with foundation on and scare myself with the possibility of my lashes falling off if I kept my mascara on overnight (actually, I’m not sure if that could even happen).

Currently, my makeup removers are from the Biore (the pink range). I’m a huge fan of their makeup remover wipes and after a few decent reviews of the Cleansing Oil and Eye Makeup Remover, I picked them up too. Continue reading

Old SD

Out With The Old

And in with the new.

If everything seems unfamiliar and you’re feeling kinda lost, welcome to the new Skin Deco!

While the domain name is the same, is now a completely new site hosted on a completely new platform. It’s so new that none of the old posts from the past 4 years are here. Alright, no need to panic just yet. You didn’t think that I’d let over 900 posts vanish just like that, did you?

All of the old posts are still available for viewing at so if you ever need to refer to any of them, they are still very much there. However, many of the links are broken and it’ll take me some time to fix them. I apologize for the inconvenience.

So, why didn’t I move the posts here? Well, besides the fact that it’ll be too much hassle, I sort of wanted to leave the past in the past and really start from scratch. It’s not gonna be easy to build again all that I’ve built before (nor do I hope to redo everything)┬ábut presently, words like “unique visitors” and “view counts” hold little meaning to me.

With this new blog, I’m simply hoping to find my passion for writing about beauty again.


Then and Now

Change is inevitable in the world of beauty. Every year we spot different trends, styles and technologies. Who would’ve thought that we would now have vibrating mascaras, liquid lipsticks and electronic cleansers (I’m probably outdated).

Sometimes, however, change comes with age and experience. That was what happened with my views on beauty & cosmetics. Many styles & looks that were synonymous to me are no longer so. Continue reading


New Beginnings

Happy 2013! You’ve landed on the spanking new Skin Deco — Welcome!

This brand new platform is slowly being developed from a blank canvas so there’s nothing much to explore for the time being. In time, the posts will come rolling in!

2012 was a year of milestones for me, filled with life changes, proud achievements and unforgettable memories. It can only get better from here. Thank you for your support all these years and I look forward to sharing my reviews, tips, thoughts and tutorials to inspire your beauty experiments and shopping urges.

Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

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