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GSC 2013 Pop

Take a Picture of Perfection

The brand new Shiseido Perfect UV Protector features a very water-resistant yet lightweight and completely even coverage. It has been proven to effectively prevent skin discoloration and wrinkles due to sun damage with its high SPF and broad spectrum protection.

Would you like to win yourself one? Here’s how!
LIKE! Shiseido Malaysia Facebook to enter the contest. Fill in the contest form and upload your “picture of perfection”. Get as many votes as possible to stand a chance to win a full size Perfect UV Protector!

Supplement Drinks: Yay or Nay?

I’ve never been particularly keen on supplement drinks. Somehow the ghastly taste of the spirulina drink my mom forced on me as a child still haunts me a little… Okay, it wasn’t that horrible but I was not a fan of it. Recently, a supplement drink crossed my path and it seemed to have come in at the right time to address a concerns that I was having. Le Fraiche Collagen arrived soon after I was complaining that my appearance lacked luster.
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SD V26

Teal There Was You

The last time I did a tutorial was a good 9 months ago. Wow. I could’ve given birth over that span of time…

I did this look for a movie outing over the weekend. It’s a simple but great way to add color to a natural look. You can substitute teal with other bright colors such as green, purple, yellow etc. Darker shades would work too but there will be less contrast with the black liner. Continue reading

SD V21

#1 Skin Care Rule

No matter how long the day has been or how tired I am, even if I have to do it with my eyes barely able to stay opened, I MUST remove my makeup.

I would keep thinking about the agony of nursing a pimple should I sleep with foundation on and scare myself with the possibility of my lashes falling off if I kept my mascara on overnight (actually, I’m not sure if that could even happen).

Currently, my makeup removers are from the Biore (the pink range). I’m a huge fan of their makeup remover wipes and after a few decent reviews of the Cleansing Oil and Eye Makeup Remover, I picked them up too. Continue reading