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Forever Young

As I was compiling the photos for this post that I wanted to write about how to look young, I had a few realizations. The pictures you see here were taken 8 years apart and because I’m severely self-centered, I was highly pleased to see how much “younger” I looked now. That was until I took a good second look.

Fine, my skin tone and texture is a lot better now thanks to proper skin care and the elimination of acne. Plus, I now know how to apply makeup to make my eyes look bigger and eyebrows more defined.

Yet, if you look closer, you’d spot the signs of aging. From the heavier eye bags to the cheekbones that aren’t as high as they used to be. Despite all the sunscreen and anti-aging skin care I’ve used over the years, age still catches up. Is that a bad thing? For me, not necessarily so.

The deepened laugh lines indicate all the joy I’ve experienced. The eye bags remind me that I’m strong enough to overcome hardships despite all the tears I’ve cried. As for the lines on my forehead, I blame that on having to lift my eyebrows whenever I’m applying eye makeup.

Aging is inevitable regardless of all the lifting serums and wrinkle correctors. We’ll just have to embrace it! Perhaps being “Forever Young” isn’t simply in the way you look. To me, being “Forever Young” means:

  • Being passionate about something
  • Having faith in yourself and others
  • Knowing how to let go and have fun
  • Having the courage to take risks or try new things
  • Keeping up your energy
  • Making the effort to be better overall

Other than that, I’m more than willing to leave teenage drama and emotional roller-coasters as things of the past.

What does being “Forever Young” means to you?

9 thoughts on “Forever Young

    1. Connie D Post author

      A lot of the things we do or say and how we act may not have anything to do with age either!

      Good to back. Thanks :)

  1. Nikki

    Forever young is inside the mind, heart and spirit! I believe we can stay young forever as long as we let ourselves be! As for me, I don’t see much difference in your photos except, both photos look great and looks like YOU! I love it that you apply makeup to enhance your look but not to change the way you originally look! :D

    Happy New Year by the way Connie dear!

  2. Sue

    To me, I feel like I’m forever young when I do the things that I’m passionate about and treasuring those simple moments in life in the midst of the busyness and chaos in life. Don’cha think? hehe

    p/s: welcome back! Am loving your new blog design =D

  3. Jenny

    Eating healthy, taking time alone and really taking care of yourself will keep you young.I see too many people that think if they are over 40 there is no point trying to be better. Life is what you decide to make it…feeling young when you are not 20 anymore is a state of undeniable happiness :)

  4. Sarah

    Staying young is an obsession with a lot of us. While you need to take care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising, I also think it’s important once in a while to just chill-out and not get too stressed about life.

  5. Megan Parker

    Forever young is being happy with all that you are achieving and not losing sight of your goals, while still being able to enjoy life as each day passes by, regardless of the obstacles and tragedies we all encounter. :)

    You really do look lovely in your “after” picture.

  6. Tina

    Ageing is indeed part of our life, we just have to eat nutritious food and have a healthy lifestyle. Also, to avoid having wrinkles, you need to be happy, smile even though you aren’t feeling better. Stay positive at all times. :) Anyway, I would like to commend you for the changes that you’ve been through! Good for you, and keep it up!


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