Supplement Drinks: Yay or Nay?

I’ve never been particularly keen on supplement drinks. Somehow the ghastly taste of the spirulina drink my mom forced on me as a child still haunts me a little… Okay, it wasn’t that horrible but I was not a fan of it. Recently, a supplement drink crossed my path and it seemed to have come in at the right time to address a concerns that I was having. Le Fraiche Collagen arrived soon after I was complaining that my appearance lacked luster.

The cranberry-flavoured Le Fraiche Collagen contains Fish Collagen, Q10 CoEnzyme, Camellia Sinensis & Grape Seed, Soy Isoflavones & Vitamin C. Taste wise, it’s really more fish than cranberry so it’s not a drink to sip. I would highly suggest to either down it quickly or mix the powder with juice.

The benefits of collagen:
- strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth
- strengthen nails and ensure nails retain a healthy colour
- improves skin’s elasticity, providing beautiful and refresh complexion
- helps to relieve soreness and friction in joints
- strengthen bones and reduce chance of getting brittle bones
- strengthens blood vessels, intestines and uterus which protect against various blood pressure issues
- reduce acne, eczema, aging spots, minor cuts and scars
[From Le Fraiche Facebook Page]

The above benefits are not the easiest to notice. While I initially took collagen for my complexion, I couldn’t really see any apparent difference. However, I did find my hair to be growing longer faster during the time I was taking collagen. Perhaps to see more drastic results would require continuous intake of collagen.

Do you take collagen? What benefits have you experienced?

Le Fraiche Collagen can be purchased from leading pharmacies at ~RM180 for 15 sachets. More details about the product on their website:

4 thoughts on “Supplement Drinks: Yay or Nay?

  1. Victoria

    A friend of mine used to purchase a Japanese collagen to ensure that she is has more energy during the day. Apparently the collagen worked really well for her while she was taking it. I cannot recall the name of the collagen but it could also be purchased from leading pharmacies. If there are real benefits to taking collagen, I would not mine taking it but of course it has to come from proven testimonies from friends who have taken it before.

    1. Connie D Post author

      Definitely real life testimonies would be more encouraging but I tend to be skeptical towards supplements that promote improvements that are too fantastical. Nevertheless, I’m open except to weight-loss supplements (that are too ambitious)

  2. Victoria Gonzalez

    This is really getting more popular because one of its effect is to keep you young. I heard of that collagen drink made from Japan. I think celebrities use it and there are great reviews so I believe it is really effective. I have been thinking of trying it myself since I’m not getting any younger.

  3. Juan

    haven’t been blog-hopping in awhile and was interested to see what you think of collagen drinks. i had one to be reviewed since ages ago and only managed to finish it just now ;)

    i am intrigued at how you described the drink as fishy because i feel the exact same way! i wonder if all the collagen drinks taste the same. question: have you tried using a small portion of the collagen powder as a collagen mask?


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