Then and Now

Change is inevitable in the world of beauty. Every year we spot different trends, styles and technologies. Who would’ve thought that we would now have vibrating mascaras, liquid lipsticks and electronic cleansers (I’m probably outdated).

Sometimes, however, change comes with age and experience. That was what happened with my views on beauty & cosmetics. Many styles & looks that were synonymous to me are no longer so.

IMG_5208Tanned Skin

I’ve never been fair nor wanted to be fair. Instead, I embraced my naturally medium skin tone by making myself look even more tanned. I did everything from tanning beds, bronzers, spray tans, self-tanning lotions & good ol’ lying in the sun.

Though I still don’t shun from the sun these days, I don’t make the effort to darken my skin tone. I’ve started to be more concerned with skin damage & lather on the sunblock. I’m even starting to use some whitening products to even out my skin tone.

New Folder79Colorful Eye Makeup

If anyone was to pull off a yellow or bright blue eyeshadow, it would be me. I loved colors. I still do actually. But previously, I was very biased towards colors and shunned neutrals. Now, however, I’ve started to appreciate the beauty of neutrals but I still sneak in some color here and there.

P1000089Buying Because It’s Cheap

During my college days, I loved acquiring makeup. Unfortunately, decent or popular cosmetics sometimes don’t come cheap. Thus, I had a mission to hunt for “cheap dupes” which led me to cumulatively spend a lot of money on products that I ended up not using because they really weren’t that good.

It’s not that I’ve become a brand snob. To me, a good product may not need to be expensive (e.g. Mascara & cleansers) but if something that’s really good but happens to be on the high end, I’d rather spend a bit to get the real thing rather than buying cheaper alternatives that simply don’t match up. Also, I no longer buy cheap cosmetics to try just because they’re cheap.

P1190568Colored Contacts

In most of my previous blog posts and when I’m out, I’m usually seen wearing colored contact lenses. It became sort of a trademark. I even jumped on the circle lens bandwagon but was eventually put off when stories about fake contact lenses surfaced. After that I switched to commercial brands but by then, my eyes were giving up on them. I would have tired eyes which looked red and by the time my eyes felt better to wear contacts again, they’re expired. So, I’m a specky. Unglamorous but I’d rather that than look like I perpetually have conjunctivitis.

P1210187Full Coverage Foundation

Honestly, I can’t make sense of it. Despite not having tremendously good skin before, it still wasn’t bad to the point that I needed heavy coverage. Yet, I preferred it over lightweight foundations. I literally used to make a face whenever I come across any description that says “sheer coverage”. Knock on wood, my skin is a lot more well-behaved nowadays and layering on the base products seem to be suffocating my skin. I’m a lot more comfortable with just enough coverage to even out my skin tone.

P1190942Nude Lips

Another trademark look of mine! I could easily pull off nude lips because I had rather pale lips to begin with and my eye makeup is usually quite heavy. On the other hand, if you have light eye makeup, nude lips simply won’t go. The bold lip look still isn’t quite my cup of tea but neither am I going nude. MLBB (My Lips But Better) for the win!

Tell me, how have your views on beauty changed over the years?

14 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Jenn

    Your skin is AMAZING!!! You’re glowing! I’m SO JEALOUS!!! T_T

    I think the most drastic change for me is my wardrobe – I’m definitely wearing dresses more often now than just jeans and t-shirt :P

    1. Connie D Post author

      You’re too kind. Thanks to the phone’s camera :p
      Fashion is definitely one of those things that tend to change with time. Good on ya! My wardrobe is changing up too.

  2. Victoria

    Hi Connie. I discovered your blog in early December 2011 through Paris B’s blog and I spent almost 2 weeks reading your archives. LOL. I must say you are quite an inspiration when it comes to make up and also keeping fit. Thanks for all the tips! It has helped me heaps.

    I still return to your archives but I guess it is not as easy to access them now as previously due to the change. For example, I am not able to click on the link to an earlier post that appears on a current post. Not sure the reason for this as it was fine when I was reading it back in December.

    Well, I am not much of a beauty junkie but I guess over the years I have tended to use minimal make-up. To me, it is more important to have healthy and clear skin than to cover it under heavy make-up. I still battle with dark eye circles but since it is hereditary and due to lack of sleep, there is nothing much I could do about it except to ensure the eye area is constantly hydrated.

    Anyway, you really look great now and I am glad you are back to blogging. Keep up the good work :-)

    1. Connie D Post author

      Hi Victoria. Thanks for your support. I’m glad that my posts have inspired you. I apologize for the inconvenience you’re facing in navigating the site. This is in fact a brand new site on a brand new platform with none of the old posts here. In other words, a brand new empty home but with the same address. The old posts are still viewable at
      I’ll do a post to inform further on the changes.

      I certainly agree that it’s better to improve our skin rather try to cover up everything.

      I look forward to more posts soon. Hope to see you around :)

    1. Connie D Post author

      Does that include blush in the form of realistic rose petals? ;)

      I’ve also stopped random purchases… mostly..

  3. Ika Roseworn

    I have a lot in common with u, minus the coloured lenses! These days, more often than not, I’m doing a natural eye look, I tend to get attracted to natural coloured palettes tho I still enjoy colours tremendously, love BB creams, and “lighter” foundies (not necessary “shearer”!) but I still prefer cream foundations and still enjoy full coverage. I don’t have bad skin, but I just like the look of full coverage better, tho I tend to reach for lighter foundies more. I still enjoy drugstore makeup, but have opened up to trying and purchasing higher ends. Growing up is part of life, and its nice to see you’ve done so nicely. Welcome back Connie. Happy new year :)

    1. Connie D Post author

      I find it weird that I’m starting to be drawn by neutral colors! Growing up is inevitable. Thanks for the kind words and happy new year to you too :)

    1. Connie D Post author

      Yeah, I’m back!
      I’m seriously done with cheap contact lenses. Truly wasn’t a good idea for me to be buying those lenses online back then, come to think of it. Thanks, Tine ;)

  4. Paris B

    Yay to being back in action! :) I won’t say I’ll stop buying random stuff, but I am now a lot more picky about what I do buy. Importantly, I now stick to brands/products that I actually like and unfortunately for my wallet, they do tend to come from the higher price spectrum. Not to say that cheap stuff aren’t good, they just don’t come into my radar anymore and erm… i don’t really care either way LOL! Its helpful realizing this :D

    1. Connie D Post author

      Woohoo! I’m also a lot pickier now but if something interesting comes my way, doesn’t mean I won’t consider:P But products these days tend to be repetitive and unappealing or maybe I’m just harder to please…


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